My first project comes from an event I was invited to. I was invited to a school as a local hero within the community and it gave me the idea to do a similar project.

‘Local Heros’ is a project whereby I am going to do fundraising events, with the aim to raise money for a specific person or family. We all see celebrity’s and sports people as hero’s but don’t look around and see the ones close to us. This is why I am going to take the time, with the help of others, to find people within my community I am going to raise money for. These could be individuals and families that have a chronic or terminal illness and the money could go towards giving them a break, getting treatment they need or to a charity of their choice etc. people don’t always realise how conditions affect the family just as much as the individual, so it’s nice to recognise and support them all. I would also like to raise money for people in the community doing work for the youth or to improve the community. Along with being able to support youths in the community that are trying to better themselves. I will announce who I am raising funds for and the event which will take place. I will then follow up and keep following the stories of those we have helped to raise funds for.

I am now in the process of finding people to raise funds for and plan the first event, so all nominations are welcomed, please get in touch.


Keep You S’Myelin