vlog 5 – World MS day

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  1. Stacey Sarago-Ah Kee

    Hey Kadeena, I myself am a T37 Athlete from Australia..Although I have CP, I too have gone through alot to achieve what I have achieved on and off the track..One of my best mates has gone through something similar to yourself and he too is an inspirational speaker/Role model like yourself. So I really appreciate what you do and what you have achieved, you are a true inspiration and I hope to see you in Rio.


    Stacey Sarago-Ah Kee

  2. I can honestly say your an inspiration to MS sufferers seeing a news clip on way you where back then to how far you come its amazing! My mum suffers from MS and its affected her a hell of a lot but seeing someone who has accomplished so much should inspire her too.

    Keep up the hard work and the rewards will come flowing more so than they already are.

  3. Stephen Lambert

    Love the expression of joy at the end of your vlog 5. I have much to identify with in the content of your ‘Road to Diagnosis’, you articulate your experience so well. Since I came across you though the Telegraph article last week I have been thinking over many things but one small one may have been answered by the T shirt that you wore for this vlog. As the ‘Keep You SMyelin’ tag line is on that shirt along with you name; is it possible to buy one somehow? Obviously you’re focussed on the sport right now, but when things have settled down (if they ever do!) could you please give it some thought and let me know? I sometimes get this “Actually, MS is the best thing that has ever happened to me” thought in my head, not always of course but it does me no harm to keep myself open to it. I know that this is not unusual. Anyway, you should be doing some training rather than reading this – so good luck with the next race!