My first track event

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So the outdoor season is here and I will be doing the 100m, 200m and Long Jump at the British Universities Championships (BUCS) this weekend. This will be my first event where I race other athletes with a disability so I am looking forward to this. Wish me luck!

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  1. Jennifer Lacey

    Hello Kadeena I hope you are well.

    I’ve just started following you today on Instagram but my message was waaay to long to send you on there!…. I’ve just realised that using the iPad I can message you through your website whereas using my mobile I couldn’t.

    Anyway I’m Jennifer, hello πŸ˜„, I’m from Barnsley, I work in Wakefield. I’m 33 next month.

    I was diagnosed with MS when I was 23 and I’m under Dr Sharrack at Sheffield Hallamshire.

    I just wanted to tell you a bit about myself.

    I was a swimmer and competed locally upto the age of 16 when I quit to join the army. You see I had always been outgoing and physical, I was a Brownie, a Girl Guide and an Army Cadet.

    I joined the Army straight from leaving school and I went on to learn Water Polo at Harrogate Army Foundation College.

    Due to swimming however I had a great deal of knee problems and it caught up with me during my training and endurance at Harrogate and after just short of a year I was medically discharged.

    Needless to say MS caught up with me years later, so being discharged was inevitable I guess.
    I’ve had a number of issues over the years which I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve always remained as positive as I can ‘on the outside’

    Though scans show evidence of enhancement I have been relatively ‘OK’ since having my son 3 years ago, but sadly I’ve never felt active enough to get back into sport at my age…

    HOWEVER, this last month having seen you do so well I’ve changed my tune (I wasn’t upto watching London Paralympics in 2012, I think I wasn’t in a great mental state at the time)

    But you have given me a lot of encouragement.

    I’ve quit smoking, I’m eating mega healthy and I’m training using an exercise bike, stretching my stiff legs before and after to loosen up and I’ve never felt better since my diagnosis.

    I’ve just today received delivery of my new running shoes and I can’t wait to get on the treadmill….(when I’ve got childcare of course!)

    Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, but I have a goal, which is to join a local athletics club, just on track not road. My ultimate aim is to get into para athletics.

    I’m actually moving to Cyprus at the end of November with my partner and son, I know Pathos has a good stadium that was used by the British Olympic Tram prior to the Athens Games. So there’s a possibility, and I’m sure I can still be classed as a British Athlete!

    This might sound crazy but I’ve never been so determined.

    Today I was talking about you with Gaz Choudhry in Wakefield and he said he was meeting up with you later on and encouraged me to message you, so now I have, lol, small world, so strange how that came about actually πŸ˜ƒ!

    It would be so great if you have any advice for me at all Kadeena, I know you must be so busy training 3 hours at a time 6 times a week.

    Good luck with everything and I look forward to a reply if you get chance, sorry for the loooooong message πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š xx