February 2015 – gym, bike and dieting

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Friday 13th February 2015

After squatting 75kg earlier in the week and finding it easy, I was spurred on my Strength & Conditioning coach Nick Jones. I did a session that consisted of:

  • Squats- 4 sets (65, 70, 80, 90kg) 5 repetitions
  • Power cleans with the bar to work on coordination

I was happy with the session but was unable to do anymore exercises as my legs had fatigued and I was unstable. I foam rolled and left it there.

Monday 16th February 2015

Today I began my new diet in an attempt to try and get rid of some of the weight I gained while being inactive. I had a cup of coffee before my bike session this morning to try and promote fat burning. My session consisted of: 10 x 10second bursts with 2mins 30secs cycle recovery. I felt sick after the 2nd rep but pushed on through and finished the session. I finished my session with a core circuit. I still felt like Fridays lifting session was in my legs.

Thursday 19th February 2015

Started the day with 30mins on and off on the bike. Then did a gym session in the evening:

  • Squats- 4×4 (75, 80, 85, 90kg) then 2 at 95kg and failed on the 3rd.
  • Clean techniques stuff again

Tuesday 17th February 2015

I had a midday session on the bike so stayed in bed doing emails before having a black coffee and heading over. I did a 9 minute warm up cycle followed by 10 x 6second efforts with 3 minutes recovery (5 minutes between reps 8+9 as was struggling). 10 minutes cool down followed by foam rolling.

I was back in the gym at 5pm and did:

  • 8×3 pull ups (band 3)
  • Steele dead lifts- 3x 8 each legs (40, 45, 50kg)
  • 3 sets dung bell press ups(15, 10, 16 reps)

Good session but dumb bell press ups where a struggle on my right arm.